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November 15, 2016

AlternaScript Recovery Fund: Fighting Off-Label Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction

Support the AlternaScript Recovery Fund to help those suffering from off-label prescription drug abuse

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100 people die everyday from prescription drug overdoses. That's more deaths caused by prescription drugs than by guns or car accidents. Isn't that insane? A decade ago, you might've heard the occasional story about prescription drug abuse, but it was never from one of the neighborhood kids like it is today, and it was never this often. Nowadays, we all know someone who is struggling with prescription drug abuse and addiction. It has turned into a massive health epidemic that's tearing entire communities apart.


Together, We Can Recover.

We refuse to sit idly on the sidelines and watch this epidemic spread any further. We started AlternaScript to help people. We wanted to provide the best health services to as many people as possible. As a health startup, it is our duty to help those who are unable to to help themselves.

And that is exactly what we are doing.

We call it: the AlternaScript Recovery Fund.

From now on, you can help make a difference by making a purchase with a purpose. What does that mean? For every bottle of OptiMind, Restup, and NuCulture that you buy, we'll donate to the top charities that help rehabilitate those suffering from off-label prescription drug abuse.

“We created OptiMind for one reason: to help people live longer and healthier lives through advancements in science and technology. We see this promise to help those most affected by the predatory pharmaceutical industry as a continuation of that vision. With AlternaScript fully committed to the cause, massive advancements in drug treatment and policy are going to be made in honor of those claimed by off-label prescription drug abuse everyday.” - Lucas Siegel, CEO & Co-Founder, AlternaScript

When we tackle an issue, we surround ourselves with the very best and most effective organizations in their field. We're interviewing all of the leading rehabilitation charities in the country and compiling the A team of recovery. It's official; the movement has begun.