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July 26, 2017

These Two Ingredients Can Keep Your Mind From Rusting

Feel better, work faster, and protect yourself against Oxidative Stress

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Oxygen can kill you...

You may not believe it, but check this out. Oxygen is a co-dependent molecule. It has room for 8 electrons, but only has 6 humming most of the time.

What this means: oxygen gets lonely.

Most of the time, it solves this debacle by attaching itself to hydrogen atoms, forming water which is just fine. But when there's no hydrogen around, it will bond with almost anything.

This process is called oxidation and it creates chaos within your cells, organs, and nerves.

When metal oxidizes, it rusts. The same thing can happen to your insides, and you don't want that.

Oxidation causes your cells to produce energy and free radicals which damage the cells around them.

The scariest part is that it happens all the time.

Oxidation happens daily when:

  • You’re under physical or emotional stress 
  • Your immune system is fighting off bacteria
  • Your body is detoxifying pollutants, pesticides and environmental toxins

The results aren’t pretty. You can end up fatigued with memory loss or brain fog, muscle and joint pain, wrinkles, headaches and increased susceptibility to infections.

If this sounds like a typical day, you might be suffering with something doctors call Oxidative Stress.

Don’t despair! There’s hope!

What if you could improve your attention, alertness, and focus, while improving your verbal learning and reducing mistakes, in less than a minute each day?

It’s easy as long you can maintain Oxidative Equilibrium. (Balance)

OptiMind can help you get there. OptiMind contains super-nutrients that are perfectly designed to help you reverse the effects of Oxidative Stress.

They’re surprisingly common, but most people don’t get nearly enough of them in their diets.

Number 1 is Bacopa Monnieri: Bacopa monnieri is an herb native to wetlands found on the southern end of several continents, including Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America

Studies have shown this nutrient supports anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions. Antioxidants are exactly what they sound like, they fight oxidation and, as a bonus, they can improve your heart health!

Number 2 is L-Taurine. L-Taurine is an amino acid that is a required building block for protein and has been shown to decrease swelling in the powerhouse of your cells, called the mitochondria.

So what's the moral of this story?

When oxygen performs in our body as it should, it is a literal gulp of fresh air, but when it misbehaves because of environmental pollutants, stress and other factors, it rusts your brain the inside out.

OptiMind can help you restore oxidative balance and banish brain fog. It gives you super nutrients to help you reach your health and cognitive goals, without jitters, or other less than great side effects.

You can start fighting back against oxidative stress today. Start your free trial of OptiMind. Feel better, work faster, and protect yourself against brain rust.

Cheers to your success,

OptiMind Team