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July 5, 2017

Shut Down Haters

Dealing With Haters

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You’re hardworking, dedicated, and driven to do your best. 

The thing is, 

the more you win, the more others want to see you lose.

You know who I’m talking about; Facebook trolls, Twitter eggs, in short - haters.

Some criticism is good. It can help us grow, but haters don’t want to help you. They just want to feel like they’re better than you, and you don’t deserve that abuse.

As you push yourself to grow and succeed, they come crawling out of the woodwork like bugs and do their best to bring you down.

If you want to crush life, you have to learn to deal with haters.

Here’s how to shut down haters:

1. Remember, It’s Their Problem:

If people are using their valuable time to tweet insults at you, then they’re the ones with the real issues. Misdirected anger like that is an expression of fear or anxiety. They’re projecting that stress onto you, because you are living the life they want, but you don’t need to stress about other people’s issues.

2. Take Note:

In many cases it’s easy to brush off haters. The stuff they say often doesn’t make any sense, but sometimes it still hurts. That says something about you. If they hit a nerve, think about why it bothered you. That won’t make it go away, but it’ll help you learn something about yourself so you can keep growing.

3. The 24 Hour Rule:

People have short attention spans. They lose interest quickly, even haters. So don’t engage. If you wait 24 hours, odds are they’ll have moved on to a new target. Remember, they’re looking for a reaction, so don’t give them one. If you do respond, it’ll reset the loop and take another 24 hours until you can move on.

4. Keep Your Friends Close (And your enemies out of mind):

When the haters hone in on you, they're choosing one aspect of who you are or what you do that they can attack, but they forget one thing. That aspect of your life is something other people love about you, and those people matter a lot more than the trolls. So keep doing what you're doing because the people who matter want more, and the haters don't deserve your time or attention.

If you can just keep those things in mind, you’ll be able to stay above the haters and keep living your best life. After all, the best way to prove haters wrong is to keep winning.