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October 19, 2016

The Power of Body Language: Faking It Til You Make It

Impersonate, make believe, and straight up fake it with these power poses that will give you actual power

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Think about how you are sitting right now. I know it's a really strange question to throw at you, but it's really important. Look in the mirror at your posture. Are you slouching? Are your arms crossed?

The reason we ask is because it’ll be super helpful for you when you check out this spectacular TED Talk by Amy Cuddy. She is an absolute boss who wants to spread the gospel of nonverbal communication of the world. Spoiler alert: She thinks it's absolutely fine to fake it until you make it. In fact, she encourages it. In Cuddy's talk, she describes how the vast majority of our impressions are decided without the exchange of words. And the craziest part is that most of our judgements about others are decided in seconds, solely based on the way they hold themselves.

This TED Talk is truly enlightening and should be required reading for anyone that wants to be confident for that interview, or partner, or..who the hell doesn't want to feel confident all the time? This video is for everyone. Go watch it and while you're at it put your chin up and your shoulders back and...oh nevermind, Amy will cover it all in a second.