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* Terms of Service: @if($product['terms'] == null || $product['terms'] == 'NULL') Our product is {{Format::money($product['price'])}} to @if($product['trial']) try @else buy @endif for {{$product['interval']}} @if($product['interval'] > 1) {{$product['interval_type']}}s @else {{$product['interval_type']}} @endif with {{$shipping_methods[0]['name']}}. If you feel @if($product['is_combination']) this combination pack @else {{$brand}} @endif helps you, then simply do nothing and we will send you @if($product['is_combination']) the same combination pack @else {{ $numbers[$next_product['unit_qty']] }} {{ $next_product['unit_ct'] }}ct @if($next_product['unit_qty'] > 1) bottles @else bottle @endif of {{ $brand }} @endif once per @if($next_product['interval'] > 1) {{$next_product['interval']}} {{$next_product['interval_type']}}s @else {{$next_product['interval_type']}} @endif for {{Format::money($next_product->price)}}@if($country_code == 'US'). @else plus {{Format::money($shipping_methods[0]['price'])}} shipping. @endif You are always free to cancel by calling us at 888-784-9315. @else {{$product['terms']}} @endif

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