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AlternaScript Review

"I have now purchased all three of AlternaScript's supplements. I have had such a good experience with these!"
Brooke Kelly, Verified Purchase - Amazon Review

OptiMind Review

“I love Optimind! I used to drink a red Bull a day at 4 bucks a pop, now I'm saving money and have dropped 10 lbs in 2 months from not drinking that sugar water! I moved and my order was lost, the customer service at getoptimind.com gave me a total refund and we're extremely helpful. Thank you so much for the product and service."
Brian Zelinski, Verified Customer - Shopper Approved

RestUp Review

"I actually have been falling asleep and staying asleep. Not getting up and down throughout the night, not feeling like I'm hung over the next morning. These have been great!"
Peggy, Verified Purchase - Amazon Review

OptiMind Review

“I tried your product and OMG. Why wasn't this available 20 years ago? LOL. No, seriously. You guys have an amazing product. Things that I had put off or had procrastinated on, or that were on the back of my mind, got done. The level of focus and concentration that I experienced on this product was incredible. The experience lasted more then 10 hours."
Alex, Verified Customer - Shopper Approved

NuCulture Review

"Easy to swallow, this probiotic is a good addition to anyone looking to improve their gut health. I take these in the morning and enjoy a day of regularity, no digestive issues, and a sense that I am doing something positive for my health."
Melissa R. - Amazon Review

OptiMind Review

"More focus and energy, I get more work done than ever before. Noticed a great deal of motivation to get things done so overall very impressed with the results and will continue to buy."
Cesar Cepeda, Verified Purchase - Amazon Review

RestUp Review

"I'd recommend these to anyone who wants to have a good nights sleep and then wake up feeling like you actually slept sound!"
Alex Lavonda, Verified Purchase - Amazon Review

NuCulture Review

"The first and biggest change I noticed was that I have no longer have bloating or gas. I eat a lot of produce and raw foods. I am not sure if that is part of the probiotics working, but its definitely a positive! I also have less random food cravings, and noticeably more energy - particularly after work..I usually need to go home and lay down Im so tired. Not anymore!"
Tara M. - Amazon Review

OptiMind Review

“Since I've used this product it's like a new me! I'm very happy I've finally found something that has helped me progress and I can't wait for my friends to see the outcomes. ”
Alpha C, Verified Customer - Shopper Approved

NuCulture Review

"These are probably the best Probiotics I've ever taken!! I am just taking them for maintenance purposes and to stay healthy, but I really do feel great after taking these, and don't have any stomach issues through out the day. And also talk about Customer Service!!"
Brandon - Amazon Review

OptiMind Review

"I was very skeptical when I bought this product. Needless to say it was absolutely amazing."
Mitzi Floyd, Verified Purchased - Amazon Review

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What's in OPTIMInd?

Scientifically Engineered. Meticulously Crafted.

The ingredients in OptiMind have been studied by the top neuroscientists and institutes in the U.S. and were carefully selected to promote focus and energy. If focus determines our reality, then imagine the doors you will unlock with enhanced mental performance at your convenience.

OptiMind’s ingredients were selected to enhance cognitive function. You can focus, boost learning rates, and increase energy levels, with the ingredients in OptiMind.


(occurs in soybeans)


(occurs in seaweed)


(occurs in bacopa plants)


(occurs in periwinkle)


(occurs in green tea)

Huperzine A

(occurs in huperzia plants)

Nootropics aren’t a joke. That’s why we took special care in making our stack. It’s made of the best ingredients for focus and energy. Our formula also includes Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Taurine, Sulbutiamine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, & GABA. OptiMind’s ingredients are designed for benefits within hours and over time. Over time, you may notice improvements in cognitive function and retention of newly learned information. Get ready for enhanced mental performance.


Together, we can save millions of lives.

For every bottle you buy, you'll be helping people recovery from off-label prescription drug abuse and addiction. The AlternaScript Recovery Fund is committed to donating 5% of our profits to recovery centers, rehabilitation programs, and counseling for families affected by off-label prescription drug abuse.