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Our Why

We're on a mission to unleash products that allow you to be your absolute best and fulfill your purpose in this world. How do we do that? With scientifically backed, solution-driven formulas using the highest quality ingredients on the planet that are proven to actually work.

Many supplement manufacturers are simply not putting in the research needed to build effective health products because it's easier and cheaper for them not to. We don't do what's easier and cheaper. We build balanced, purpose-driven formulas backed by research and built in state of the art facilities so that you can feel them working, or your money back.

AlternaScript is the future of health.
We are here to serve you.

To give people products that help them become who they really are.

Our Team

Is a passionate group of dreamers, thinkers and human beings.

Lucas Siegel

Founder, CEO

Matthew Piskorz

Founder, CTO

Janet Roberts


Tyler Semerdjian

President, Marketing

Chelcie Piasio

Creative Director

Joel Guadamuz

Head of Fulfillment

Kevin Flores

Executive Assistant

Paul Mecca

Customer Love Specialist

Osafo Hamilton

Customer Love Specialist

Alexis Hemeon

Customer Love Specialist

Paul MacDowell

Design Intern

Jeremy Green

Customer Love Specialist

Corey Stavinoha

Social Media Specialist

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